about us

VT is a software development company in the fields of Telecommunications and Artificial Intelligence, who strives to deliver high quality products and the best service by constantly reviewing and improving every aspect of our processes through consistent and detailed business analysis.
We focus on building technologies that enhances our customerĀ“s results, how:

  • By building a clearly measurable lean process.
  • Flawless communication channels
  • We have a muli-disciplinary team of professionals with different backgrounds that are constantly doing data and Biz intelligence.
  • Our software can be used in different verticals or industries such as: Market Research, Telemarketing, Fund Raising, Auto Warranty, Medical etc.

Consistent Quality

Software development uses only the best practices to compose a complete solid solution on cutting edge technologies. We want our customers to maximize the performance of our tool that's why working with the side by side is key for us.

This custom build program delivers consistently qualified leads on every transfer, unlike other systems. Voice Technologies uses the most advanced technology that is constantly learning and improving it's rebuttals with every conversation. This efficiency means you get more leads out of your data and many customers report savings of at least 30% over other systems. Very simply Voice Technology software gives you the highest quality lead, the ability to scale up or down the number of leads transferred all while lowering your acquisition costs.


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