how it works

Voice Technologies is a self-managed platform for the telecommunications industry. We are the software company that is taking the leap into the future of telemarketing.

Our services specialize in helping the deaf and the hearing impaired have the ability to take and monitor phone calls for various companies. Because our software uses voice to speech technology, this allows the hearing impaired to take phone calls and monitor phone calls for telemarketing purposes.

Software & Agent Monitoring

Our enhanced guided message technology adds a level of automation on top of basic guided message systems found in Avatar "like" software: Basic guided message technology uses live foreign agents monitoring to choose which recordings to play as part of the conversation. However, Smart Calls sophisticated enhanced guided message software program assists agents on the messages to be played.

Importantly a live agent is still monitoring these calls in the event that an operator is requested. These agents also hand dial cellular phone numbers by pushing a button to initiate a new call. When consumers answer their phones Smart Calls software plays a recorded message and listens to the responses, then the software assists the agent on proper messaging.


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