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Our founders have been in the lead generation industry for over 20 years and have used many lead generation sources including TV, Radio, Email, Internet marketing, as well as avatar like products. After years of testing unsuccessful marketing programs, it left us searching for the answer to this constant problem. While testing a new lead program know as Avatar a few years ago, we realized the concept was good but like many other lead generation programs it had many flaws. Avatar programs have live foreign agents that use soundboards with pre-recorded messages to interact with customers. Similar to other marketing's solutions in which we used in the past, it also had scalability limitations and lacked consistent lead quality. After being frustrated one more time with a flawed marketing solutions, we decided to develop our own lead generation system, and this is when Voice Technologies was born.

Over the last three years our team has developed this game-changing platform using the brightest minds in the telecommunication industry. In July 2014 we released BETA 1, which changed the telemarketing industry forever. Combing live agents with speech recognition technology we created a more consistent and better quality lead with far more scalable than any other product in the market today.
What makes Voice Technologies so unique and game-changing is that is has designed a software which has a patent pending speech to text technology which converts a callers voice into text format "live" so the hearing impaired agents are able to read what a caller is saying in text format instead of listening. This is much like an Avatar system except our Artificial Intelligence suggest or selects the correct audio file to be played. Our software can either select the audio file or can be placed in manual mode as the client may choose. Major corporations can now employ the hearing impaired for the taking calls for their customer service or sales calls with the use of the Voice Technologies software.

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